About Mummamia


Mummamia Story

Inspired by her Grandmother’s heartwarming care during her confinement period, the founder, with the support of her family, launches their confinement service, Mummamia Confinement.

MUMMAMIA CONFINEMENT is dedicated share the blissful care and guidance from granny and to provide hassle free and encourage confinement through all means and products as the new era mummies are busy and their lack of knowledge on how to confine traditionally.

With the reference of HUANGDINEIJING (皇帝内经) and TCM Physician advisors, all products and services are designed to help mummies recuperate, strengthen, support breastfeeding journey, better flow of breast-milk, promotes healthy body and diet care.

Mummamia Mission

Mummamia aims to provide hassle-free traditional confinement products and services to all mothers from a mother’s angle

Mummamia Achievements