How pain is POSTPARTUM Pain?

March 25th, 2017


Now that the baby is out! You had FINALLY GOT OVER IT after hours and hours labour. And thought it is a kind of relieve on those Pregnancy back-strain, bloated stomach, inability to lie flat on tummy, sore legs, cramps and many more.




You realized that No, it isnt ending, A WAR had just began! PAIN! PAIN! PAIN!





1. the Pain ” down-there”

You felt burning “soreness” over “there” at the wound where stitches were. The pain is making you curse your husband upside down (you know what we meant)! You tear every time you pee, you poo, even a fart makes you tear. Yes! that is how bad it can be.

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You walk with your foot half-meter apart due to the pain. Not only that, you got to withstand the trouble of having to frequently change your sanitary pad now and then.




2. the Pain “up-there” a.k.a. boobies

The last thing you wanna touch is your boobs! YES, ‘cos they are freaking pain. You cant even wear a bra. Even your loose pyjamas is making you pain. Those engorgement, is as pain as labour. Those sore nipples, is as pain as though you had a knife-cut yet you got to wash it with soap all the time. Yes, that is how bad.




Engorgement and sore nipples aside, you gotta hold your breath everytime that little monster is trying to latch-on and kicking a fuss when the milk isnt flowing out yet. Having blocked duct is even worse. IT MAKES THOSE BOOBS AS HARD AS ROCK, yes rock! Dont you dare to touch them. You gonna get slap for that.




3. the Pain “mentally” a.k.a. Postnatal Blue

Those hormonal change isnt funny at all. At one second you are overjoyed with the little baby, the very next second you can be crying over nothing. All of sudden you feel like crying and you have to cry it out. You do not know why. You just wanted to cry.




Hormonal changes can cause depression. With little sleep, pain over your body, juggling with new family member, trying to get use to why the baby cries all the time, are some other contributions to the depression.

Talk it out, ask for help and give yourself sometime to learn. After all, the baby does not come with a instruction manual. Consider yourself genius that you can handle him or her by now!




4. the Sleepless-Pain

The first thing you would love to do and the last thing you can do : SLEEP!

You can never get enough sleep for as early as the moment you found out about your pregnancy till the baby is at least 2 yrs old.




Nevertheless, trust it well that soon it will all go away. The wound will heal. Those boobies will settle down themselves. Those night feeding will end (we do not know when, but…). Kids grow up themselves.

Soon, new sets of motherhood adventures starts! You will, at the end of the day, realize that: