How to CORRECTLY “eat for 2″ when you are pregnant?

December 26th, 2016

You often hear the oldies advising you to eat more as you need to eat for 2 since you are pregnant. But what does eating for 2 really means? Double your intake?

Your body is absorbing better while you are pregnant. Women need 300-450 more calories during pregnancy period too, hence, often, you hear people say, “eat more, eat more!”

You should be focusing on nutritional benefits like protein, vitamin, iron intake daily. Water is one of the most essential intake during pregnancy.

Take less:

  • sugary/ carbonated beverages
  • fried food
  • oily food
  • snacks/ junk food
  • raw food

Have more of:

  • Grain-rich food
  • Protein (hard-boiled egg, nuts, etc)
    bean, lean meat, fish, yogurt are good source of protein
  • Vitamins/ Iron/ Potassium/ Calcium (direct from fruits/ vegetables)
    especially Vit B, food like asparagus, black eye-peas are good.
  • Some herbs/ herbal soup (recommended under certified TCM Physician prescriptions)

In short, eat everything moderately. Although food nutrition is important, being happy is also equally essential. As pregnant women go though tremendous hormonal changes, keeping her happy means a perfect pregnancy.

Do remember, your baby is what you eat! So eat healthily!