Is Confinement possible without a Nanny?

September 1st, 2020

Many new mother will be left in dilemma because, literally, newborn doesn’t come with a manual!  :roll:

Confinement Nanny usually act as a guide to many new parents as they are the “expert” and they are more experience with newborn. It is always good to have an extra pair of hands especially if you are first time parents or will be alone without any help.

Here are some tips if you do not have/ unable to get a Nanny:

1. Basic Home Supplies

Trust me, you will not be able to leave home for at least a week with the little angle crying most of the time. Get the basic necessities ready or at least pre-order them. Many eCommerce platform offers free delivery. check them out.

2. Daily meal

You (and your husband) needs your lunch and dinner. Trust me, you will be hungry all day if you are breastfeeding. Prepare some healthy snacks, some cereal, oat, cookies, vermicelli.

3. Attend Classes

Get yourself familiar with what to expect, although many times, baby still freak you out. Antenatal classes are available for new mothers. Maternity Hospitals like KK Hopital, Thomson Medical Centre, Mount Alvernia, etc offers these classes.

4. Get your food prepared

Confinement is about recovering from childbirth. Mother’s body provided nutrition to the newborn and often have to make up the heavy blood loss during childbirth. Herbs and Poultry can be good source of nutrition. Prepare yourself with readily available Prepacked Confinement Herbal Soup for your confinement month, Red Dates for the iron  and energy boost.

5. Mental readiness and well-being

Now that you are a parents, you will meet other challenges. Keeping each other’s supported is the best thing each of you can do. Plan your leave earlier to welcome a new bundle of joy!

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