Post Natal Care


Mummamia Confinement understands the importance of confinement to mummies’ body.

Traditionally, confinement is best to be done 40 days continuously from the birth. Completing confinement in a proper way may not only recovers their vigor, but also improves their health.

The founder wish to share and bring best confinement to all mummies like how she had luckily, enjoyed. We aim to provide convenience to new mummies, our packages are rather flexible and can be adjusted in accordance to mummies’ preference.


Taking 5 main recovery stages; Expel, Remove, Rejuvenate, Recuperate and Tonify, we offer a wide range of products from herbal bath, supplements and capsules to support breastfeeding and oils.

We hope to support all mummies on their confinement (post natal) well-being, hence our products range are vegetarian friendly and halal certified.

Our Post Natal Services include: