Ban Kah Chai Mom Series Confinement Packages

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Ban Kah Chai Mom Series Confinement Packages 万家济妈妈坐月配套

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Product Description

Mom Series Confinement Packages 妈妈坐月配套

contains a range of product that mother needs during confinement period. The traditional postnatal confinement of women after the birth of the child is vital for the recovery of the mother’s womb, improving the mother’s health as well as preventing after birth backaches.

Products with a perfect blend of ingredients and vitamin goodness which is necessary for the mother in aiding the confinement process which makes a woman more charming after birth. It’s nothing better than a mother’s shine.

Package Contains of : 

  1. Gold Brand Zhui Feng Su Ho Wan (3 boxes) 金牌追风苏合丸

Traditionally used for relieving abdominal pain, giddiness, mild vomiting, eliminates wind. Suitable for women after childbirth for the flowing of “Qi” and eliminates wind. 行气祛风

  1. Gold Brand Ginseng Plus Pai Feng Pill (1 box) 金牌人参白风丸1

Traditionally used to strengthen women’s health, regulates menstruation, invigorating and vitalizing. Recommended to be taken 12 days after childbirth. 补血调经, 补气活血

  1. Mom Series Confinement Herbal Bath (1 box)  妈妈坐月沐浴

Expel wind, reduces oedema, activates blood circulation and disperses stasis; relieves body aches after childbirth 祛风消肿

  1. Su Ho Oil (1 bottle) 苏合油1

Eliminates pathogenic wind after childbirth and relieving of pain 产后祛风, 肚腹风痛, 宝宝胀风

  1. Complementary Ladies healthcare booklet 坐月手册

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