What to consume to expel lochia during confinement period?

March 2nd, 2015

As many of us may be aware of, the first 10-12 days post-birth, mummies are encourage to consume food/ herbs/ supplements to remove the blood clot (lochia) remaining from child birth. Lochia discharge last for 12 days to 2-3 weeks, some last for 6 weeks. 

Often, when excessive mucus and discharged are not discharged or cleared properly, they stick onto uterus wall and may risk having it grown into tumour. 

Some of the following can be considered for “expelling” effect during Confinement period:
- San Zha 山楂 (Fructus Crataegi)
- Yi Mu Cao 益母草 (Chinese motherwort)
- Hong Tang 紅糖 (Brown Sugar)
- Black Wood-ear 黑木耳
- Hong Hua 红花 (Dried safflower flowers)
- Vinegar 醋, etc

Too much of the above items will lead to heavy bleeding and stomach discomfort. A Physician advice are needed for any consumption exceeding 10 gram. 

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