Why are Pregnant women FORGETFUL???

December 2nd, 2016

You may be forgetting where you put your wallet, your cellphone, what you last eaten and you got frustrated over all small things. Blame it all on pregnancy hormone!

Although pregnancy hormone plays a big part in causing pregnant mummy to be forgetful, but fatigue and insomnia causes all those forgetfulness.


Research has shown that your brain cell and overall brain size decreases during last trimester, being the smallest at baby full-term. Short-term memory, poor concentration and fatigue are common during early and last trimester. However, once baby is born, your brain is likely to return to its original size, although ‘poor memory’ symptoms may last up till 1 year post partum.

Take a deep breath, dont stress yourself, load more on Omega-3 and DHA rich-food. Get help from the advance tech to help you remember things well, like setting reminder or to-do-list on your phone.
Always tell yourself, nothing will last forever, this problems will eventually go away one day!
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